Tacomation from Austin Automation Design

Tacos, burritos, and bowls are prepared from scratch. Then your customized order takes just 10 seconds to be automatically assembled! Made just the way you order it every time!

You’re smart and so is your food label.

Want to know how many calories or carbs are in your order? You can forget those inaccurate menu board nutritionals you see posted on the wall at the restaurant. With our live “real-time, personal” nutritionals, you know exactly what yours are even when you change it the next time you order!

Each item you order is labeled with your name, ingredients, and personal nutrition facts label and saved in your personal ordering profile.

Contactless. Waitless. Pickup.

Drive up. Scan the QR order code. Your locker opens and you’re off!

No contact. No wait. No mask. Just pickup!

For the Operator

Accuracy and consistency of orders placed by the consumer via digital ordering with direct input to automated assembly. Accurate orders each time, every time. Geolocation allows orders to be processed for “just in time” freshness.

Food  Safety
No employee to consumer contact necessary to place or pickup an order. No aerosol, bacterial transmission or contamination during food assembly.

Real-time, accurate food costs and inventory

Up to the minute food costs for every order, every minute, with real-time inventory. Automated assembly reports exact ingredients and amounts for each order.

Speed and Labor Savings
A taco, burrito or bowl made in seconds. Peak day part or unexpected surge handled without extra man hours. Extremely fast drive up, contactless pickup.


Arm Automation together with Austin Automation Design is developing Tacomation, an automated restaurant food line designed to assemble tacos, burritos, and bowls without any human contact. Keeping food safety and order accuracy in mind, Tacomation can save restaurant operators potentially millions of dollars per year in food and labor costs.

About Arm Automation

ARM Automation has been designing, building, and supporting custom automated manufacturing solutions for a variety of industries since 1993. This experience has led to technical disciplines such as motion control, machine vision, robotics, and control software. Likewise, this experience has provided the opportunity for ARM to familiarize itself with the needs of many different industries, from automotive component manufacturing to medical opto-electronics testing. ARM’s experience as a contractor to both large private companies and government has also honed the abilities of its project management team through the implementation of well-documented practices and procedures. Together, these abilities make ARM a powerful solutions partner for those with a need to design a custom machine through a complete turn-key manufacturing line.

ARM Automation’s location just Southwest of Austin provides immediate access to a wide variety of high-tech suppliers and a highly trained and educated workforce. ARM’s facilities are fully equipped with a complete electronics development lab, machine shop, and various engineering tools to design, build, and test prototypes through production systems.

About Austin Automation Design

Developing healthier food alternatives and innovative kitchen products is nothing new for Doug Foreman who has more than 40 years of experience in the food business and consumer packaged goods industry. He is best known for founding Beanitos, the first-ever bean-based snack chip, in 2010, as well as Guiltless Gourmet, the first-ever baked tortilla chip, in 1989, which created a half-billion-dollar snack category.   

 Foreman’s passion for the food industry and the products he brings to market is evidenced by his ongoing creation of exciting new products and inventions.


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